What is Bite Vein Studios?

We are BITE VEIN STUDIOS, a game development studio that strongly believes in giving back to the players the property of their content while allowing them to be participate on the company's growth. We are working to incorporate latest technology advancements of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to video games of different categories. Each of our games will have its own economy and a defined value for its content. At the same time, all of them will be grouped under our governance token $VEIN that represents the joined value of our ecosystem.

We aim for our games to have a stable and predictable value. This value should be a result of the content created, the polished gameplays designed, and a correlation between their utility tokens and off-chain goods.

Our goal is that every player can have a long term profitability with no dependency on the value of the governance token. All the elements that are part of the BITE VEIN STUDIOS ecosystem like NFTs and utility tokens can be traded inside and outside it. This means that you will always be able to exchange or transfer your items, even if the game comes to disappear.

We also believe that video games should be accessible to everybody no matter their purchasing power, this is why our games will be free-to-play and will not have any entry barrier.

We think that video games with economies based on cryptocurrencies and NFTs should have a gameplay experience at least as good as the ones that don't incorporate any technology of the blockchain world. We want you to think about them as "video games", and not "financial instruments". Our team sums more than 50 years of experience building such experiences and we keep working hard to raise the bar.

The games in our ecosystem will be expanded, improved, and perfected independently from one another. Each game will have its own team fully dedicated to its development, support, maintenance and expansion. We share a long term vision for our games. We want players to experience a long term relationship with our ecosystem, not just a one night stand.

Finally, at BITE VEIN STUDIOS we believe that the $VEIN token represents ALL the value of all our products combined. We want to share this value with all the community. We will give rewards, we will distribute part of our profits among holders of the token, and we will invest a lot into the e-sports ecosystem so the community can grow and earn through our games.

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