Business model

BITE VEIN STUDIOS is a video game development studio that operates as a service. There are many companies that label themselves as such, but we firmly believe that we will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technology offers to set us apart. Some of these premises:

  • The content and games are property of the players and we will offer marketplace services where players will be able to operate with the properties earned in-game.

  • Content with-in our game will be sold via three ways: the video game's token, cryptocurrencies and fiat money, enabling access all kind of players to participate as they can or prefer.

  • We will use part of our resources to create E-sports tournaments and organize championships where players will receive governance tokens as prizes.

  • As a video game company we will create value by selling content and new games. We are in for becoming one of the main brands in video game development. Not only blockchain, but in the whole industry.

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