The solution

We are not a financial service, we are a video games studio.

We focus on what is important for the player, the game. Our video games generate value via content sales. Players will have three ways of acquiring content: game's token, cryptocurrencies, and fiat. This way the company obtains direct profits for selling via cryptocurrencies or fiat, and players obtain profits when selling their tokens to other players so they can acquire the content. Leading us to the next section.

Stable utility token per game dynamic.

We know that for a video game token to work it needs to have the main characteristics of any coin. This is, store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange. At BITE VEIN STUDIOS we manage to do so by selling content at a fixed price expressed in fiat or cryptocurrencies amount, this way the video game's token will ALWAYS range around this anchor value. This gives to the token the three characteristics mentioned earlier. It can be used as a unit of account and medium of exchange because its value is stable, and it is a store of value because the token doesn't lose value if you hold it.

Governance token as a stock.

As mentioned in the previous section, the players need stability in the video game's token. To contribute to this stability, the governance token of BITE VEIN STUDIOS will be 100% decorrelated from our games economy and it will work as a company governance token. Investors will be able to earn "dividends" from the company's profits in marketplace sales, they will be able to stake their tokens to generate passive income, they will receive air drops of our next games, and they will benefit from big multipliers on the token's value as it grows as a result of the compound value of all our games. This way, the video game's is kept apart from the volatility of the governance token, volatility that is required for a governance token to produce high returns to investors.

Game experience without the finance.

Once more, at BITE VEIN STUDIOS we focus on the gameplay, this is why we are working on allowing players to avoid blockchain transaction fees, we will cover the cost of the transactions to keep a game experience with no finance second thoughts.

Bring all your NFTs collection.

Within the community and blockchain ecosystem, you always hear about decentralization and property, but reality is that few players actually bring value or bring these concepts further. At BITE VEIN STUDIOS we will include inside NFTs all the elements and data required so anybody is able to create an application or game using them (after all, they belong to them). And this doesn't end here, our games will look for creative ways of incorporating some of your existing NFTs in order to create a truly NFTs video game where players can take advantage of their existing wallets.

Creator benefits.

The traditional video game industry was created with large royalties for the teams members, but this practice was reduced more and more until in recent years where it is a mere anecdote to find a studio that pays these royalties. From our point of view, this practice must be recovered. This is why 16.6% of the marketplace commission fees of our games will be delivered directly to the creators of the NFTs in question.

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