1. Reward investors and players. We want to reward both, providing holding incentives and distributing rewards to featured players.

  2. Stable game economies. Thanks to having a governance token linked to the company but aside of the economies of our games, we can focus on the token to gain value as a stock would do and bring far more value than other governance tokens linked to a single product do.

  3. Align incentives. We want developers, content creators, investors, and players aligned to grow the games and their content, which ultimately will mean a higher potential of growth for BITE VEIN STUDIOS and consequently a better experience for all players.

  4. E-sports economy. Players will pay a governance token amount for participating in tournaments and will win tokens prizes. Tournament organizers will pay a governance token amount to create the tournament and will receive a part of the tokens spent by players to participate. This way we ensure a fair competition and organized play from the community.

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