Rafael Bernabé - CEO

Video game director and economy designer with 15 years of experience. He has worked for some of the biggest companies in the video game industry like SEGA or EA and for some of the most well known franchises like Battlefield or Hello Kitty. Over the last years, he has focused with great success on collaborating with video game studios building F2P games to help them improve their design and boost their economies. He also writes about game design and video game industry business models. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017.

José Luís Cebrián - CTO

Fullstack engineer with 25 years of experience coding and leading technical teams, 15 years of those in the video game industry or related sectors. He has been lead programmer in Battlefield Bad company 2 and Battlefield 3 (mobile). Over the last years, he has worked as a freelancer on several web projects, some of them related to the blockchain like property tokenization or wallets.

Enzo Ferey - CBO

Computer science engineer with over 10 years of experience building on the web. He has boostrapped over 50 products in a wide variety of markets. From Pokémon e-sports world championships to the most advanced professional oriented coaching in the world at Within the blockchain ecosystem, Enzo has developed the smart contracts of several video games, he has worked with ex-Goldman Sachs traders on trading bots, and he has been day trading for most of 2021 both his stack and managing portfolios.

Julián Serravi - Lead designer

Game Design with 10 years of experience specialized in F2P video games. He has worked for Social Point in games such as Dragon City and Monster Legends. Over the last years, he has taught game design courses and he has consulted for A level franchises like Hello Kitty. He got involved in the blockchain ecosystem in 2021 and he loves the technologies and changes it will bring.

Pablo Fernandez - Art Director

Illustrator and concept artist with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked for A level video game companies in the Asian market, specially Japan, like Square Enix, Capcom or Applibot. He also worked as cover artist for the Dark Souls: Age of Fire comics published by Titan Comics. Over the last years, he has been working on a graphic novel as author, screenwriter, and cartoonist.

Edgar Sánchez - Art Director

Illustrator and concept artist in the biggest trading card video games of the market, among them Hearthstone by Blizzard and Magic: The gathering by Wizard of the cost. He is also passionate about teaching and he is a teacher at some of the most important universities in Barcelona; Ramón Llull and ESDI. He has also participated in other big games such as Brawl Stars, or in Fantasy Flight games by Keyforge.

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