The problem

The big companies of industry building AAA video games have created and established a very convenient system for their business where users buy their video game copy or contents but do not have any liberty using them.

The success of this system during the last 15 years has enabled video games to become massive and to reach each of the platforms and devices with a screen where you may play.

However, this success has also generated a series of complains from players. These include:

  1. Lack of ownership. Players have stopped to have rights on the goods they bought. Leaving them unable to lend, gift, or even sell what is their own (or at least should be).

  2. Creative stagnation. As the video games catalog keeps growing, the video games are every time more similar to each other, specially business model wise. These are slaves of a centralized and one directional economy where money only flows one way, from the users' pockets to the developers. This forces studios to create closed economies with almost no participation from players, leading to a feeling where players feel like always repeating over an over again the same financial loop in every game.

  3. Lost opportunities. New trends like streamers and influencers have created opportunities for the video game market to reward and pay its users for their time played.

In this whitepaper, we try to explain the existing problemas that players and developers are facing today and how we want to do better at BITE VEIN STUDIOS. We want to create video games that generate value and entertainment by leveraging the blockchain to give property back to the players. We want to explore the possibilities blockchain enables in the design of decentralized experiences where everybody can use their digital assets to create their own experiences.

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