$VEIN token

$VEIN is the token associated the BITE VEIN STUDIOS company as a whole and not to a single game. It follows the ERC-20 standard and it has been created, minted, and distributed by BITE VEIN STUDIOS to represent our products.
  • The $VEIN token is a governance token that allows owners to receive a 30% of the commissions of the marketplaces of all our games as "dividends".
  • We support the players community. Players will be able to own a part of the company without making any investment thanks to the prizes allocated for e-sports.
  • Owners of the token will also have preference and discounts on presale for future game launches as well as air-drops of existing games.
  • The holders of the governance token will have access to our staking system.
  • The governance token will also count as a voting voice for the proposals presented by the BITE VEIN STUDIOS team.
  • Content creators will be rewarded for their creations.